The Creative Process for Making our Autism Travel Social Story Videos

I wanted to provide a small peek behind the creative process for making our autism travel social story videos....

Before we even film at a destination or resort, we do our research to learn about their existing accommodations for families with Autism and other Special Needs.  Is there a Special Needs pass? How does it work? Are there alternate lines? Does the Kid's Club accommodate children with Special Needs, and what are those accommodations? We speak with families who have experienced the accommodations first-hand to hear about how it works - in REAL LIFE. 

When we film at a destination or resort, we have a specific shot list that we follow. These shot lists portray how to use the destination's Special Needs accommodations, as well as communicate tips and tricks for navigating the destination with ease and minimal stress. Our Hosts - Tristan, Sebastian, and Emerson - put on their acting hats, and do a great job showing how to use the destination's accommodations. Many shots are required for one scene, and filming can take all day, but the Hosts are dedicated to making the filming process fun and exciting.



When we've finished filming and we're home, Stage 2 begins. While Jason, our videographer and film editor, works on putting together the individual video drafts, while Nicole, the video producer, works on the accompanying text for the audio voice-overs.

The audio voice-over process is a lot of fun, because our Hosts get involved again! Using the written text, Jason and the Hosts record the audio track for the voice-overs.



Once complete, Jason lays the track onto the video, and we have Autism Travel Social Story Videos!