About Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos.

Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos was conceived in 2016 by Nicole Thibault. Nicole owns a travel agency called Magical Storybook Travels and while she books travel for ALL families, she specializes in Special Needs Travel. 

During her travel counseling sessions with her client's children with Autism, Nicole noticed that the kids would be much less anxious about their upcoming family vacation if they could see photos and videos about the destination ahead of time. But most online videos about the destinations are either promotional or marketing videos or videos made by guests - neither of which cater to children.

And the idea for Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos was born!

These destination-specific videos are made for children with Autism, and are hosted by children. They introduce the children to the destination's attractions, resort, resort rooms, pools and play areas, kid's clubs, activities and more. The videos also review any procedures or processes that may be stressful or anxiety-producing for children with Autism or anxiety; these videos may include topics such as "What do I do if I get lost?", "Checking in to our Resort," "Exploring the Kid's Club," "Activities at My Resort," "Dining Out," and more.

In addition to the videos for children, Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos also features videos for both Kids and Parents. These videos can include topics such as "How to Obtain and Use the Accommodations Pass" for attractions and rides at a Theme Park,  "Quiet Spaces" to take your child in the destination when having a meltdown, and other videos explaining the accommodations offered at the chosen destination.

According to Autismtravel.com, 87% of families with a family member with Autism don't currently take vacations, but 93% of those families would be more inclined to travel if Autism-friendly accommodations were available.  So the idea is simple: educate families with Autism about the destinations, as well as the Special Needs accommodations that are available at these family-friendly destinations, so that the parents AND the children are more comfortable about traveling.

Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos's mission is simple -- to enable families with Autism and other Special Needs to travel, travel more, and with less stress and anxiety.